Tennis Elbow Surgeon

Top 5 reasons to get tennis elbow surgery

Tennis elbow is a description of an injury to the elbow that is often associated with playing tennis. Although playing tennis is the common reason for this injury, other activities can also cause it. The injury usually occurs with the tendons located where the muscles of the forearm are attached to the bony outside area of the elbow. Usual symptoms include pain that travels from the outer area of the elbow down into the forearm and the wrist. Pain is often noticed when the wrist is extended and there may be weakness in the forearm.

The pain may get worse over time, along with pain when gripping objects. Tennis elbow occurs from overusing the affected forearm muscles that are used to raise and straighten the wrist and hand. With repetitive motion and stress to tissues in this area, inflammation can occur from small tears in the tendons that are attached to the outer bone of the elbow and the muscles of the forearm.

Treatments of tennis elbow include many different choices. If the pain is not so severe to interfere with daily activities, then waiting to see if it gets better on its own is suggested. It there is pain, while going about daily activities, then resting the arm should be done along with applying ice, using an over the counter medication for pain and inflammation. If these self-treatments are ineffective the physician may suggest exercises to slowly stretch and strengthen the muscles of the arm with added focus on the forearm muscles. Some of these exercises include strengthening exercises using hand weights. While holding the hand weights, flex and extend the wrists, slowly letting the hand weight down after the wrist has been extended. Or trying the exercise of keeping the wrist ridged and straight, while lifting objects, helps the larger arm muscles perform more than the smaller muscles of the forearm.

For residents in the area of Los Angeles, if usual treatment methods fail to bring relief from pain, tennis elbow surgery Los Angeles physicians may suggest surgery. The top 5 reasons that tennis elbow surgery Los Angeles doctors suggest surgery are:

1. Unrelieved pain after the treatment of steroid shots
2. Rehabilitation and rest treatments are ineffective at relieving pain
3. Pain that last longer than six months
4. Severe large tears in tendon, which could be from an acute injury
5. Unable to perform daily activities due to pain

There are many tennis elbow surgeon Los Angeles area practices that offer this surgery for patients in this area of the country. Tennis elbow surgeon Los Angeles area doctors are well experienced with this type of surgery and if they believe that the patient is a good candidate for having tennis elbow surgery, they are some of the best to perform this surgical procedure.